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Prof. Dr. Klaus Koenen




1956 born in Cologne
1975-1982 Study of Religious Studies and Protestant Theology in Ann Arbor (USA) und Bonn
1982 Church Exams (Proestant Church in the Rhineland Region)
1982-1989 Academic Staff Member in Tübingen / Study of Assyriology and Egyptology
1983 Participation in the excavation Tell el-Oreme / Israel
1984 Scholarship for a teaching course of the German Society for the Exporation of Palestine in Israel and Jordan
1987 PhD in Tübingen
1989 Lecturer at the Ecumenical Institute Tantur close to Jerusalem
1989-1995 University Assistant in Bonn
1993 Habilitation in Bonn
1994 Areal Director at Tell el-Oreme / Israel
1995 Visiting Professor in Kiel
1995-1996 Visiting Professor in Heidelberg
1996-1997 Visiting Professor in Essen (3 Semesters)
1998-1999 Visiting Professor in Heidelberg (3 Semesters)
1999 Lecturer at Dormition Abbey / Jerusalem
since 1999 Professor in Cologne